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The top of the range cable with one of the best value for money on the market, if not THE best value for money! A real marvel!

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The OC Studio team's newest flagship project, Frozen, is a stunningly understated and elegant batch of work. Color and softness are essential to create a sound that's different from the past, and it took days of intensive adjustment and testing to create a quality sound. Excellent and distinctive sound. This is the second time we've used gold and silver alloy to build an upgraded cable, and the first time we've used gold and silver alloy in a uniform, worldwide sale. Frozen is known for its appearance, a cool appearance with a light and pleasing sound, but also reveals the nobility of the A hint of sweet overtones, a new direction in sound that we hadn't taken before, the same Lititz as Caleus. T2 construction with top-of-the-line acoustic solder, the satisfying Frozen follows our years of experience and days of testing. The official launch is waiting for your viewing pleasure!

When we developed Frozen, we began to think about trying many directions, thick, neutral and other directions, and finally we Considering the gold and silver alloy, silver is the main supplement to gold, and in order to have enough characteristics to be a member of the flagship series, we have to The result is a light and cheerful main vocal line, with a hint of sweet overtones. !

Frozen sound performance, excellent resolution and detail in the OC product line, clean and quiet atmosphere in the background. The sound is bright but not irritating, hence the aforementioned lightness and cheerfulness. The vocalists benefit from Kim's help, and the rhythmic high frequencies of the final rhymes are all very good. It reveals a hint of sweet, non-greasy overtones, with a cohesive and solid performance in the low frequencies, and a slightly fast speed that makes you feel light and comfortable. It's a light and slightly sweet yarn!

CM and MMCX pins are available at a special price of $500. Enjoy higher quality sound!

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1.Cable Material:Cryo UP-OCC Ag/Au Alloy (Litz)

(UP-OCC is currently the only company in the world where Japanese OCC inventor Prof. Ono has transferred the technology through ITRI and licensed the patent to Taiwan. The OCC material produced by UP is actually the code name of the factory in Taiwan, and two other Japanese wire makers have obtained patents in the past. (All of them are now discontinued.

Wire length: The default length is 1.2-1.23 meters.

Weight of wire: about 33 grams (the actual length may vary depending on the selection).

4.Cable earhooks: ear-wound earphones will be added automatically, but not for non-ear-wound earphones.

Cable terminal: Pre-OC 35CFGT carbon fiber gold-plated terminal (there are many other options available).

6.Wire accessories: The slider and splitter are made of metal anodes.

7.Place of Origin:Taiwan

8. Product warranty: one year warranty for non-human damage, the situation allows you to pay for lifelong maintenance or modification, allowing you to use a long time. The warranty is subject to the Company's final determination.


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Original Cable - Frozen - Flagship Cable

Original Cable - Frozen - Flagship Cable

The top of the range cable with one of the best value for money on the market, if not THE best value for money! A real marvel!