Original Cable - Grace 2 - Flagship Cable 8 wires


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News - OC Grace 2 Releases!!!!

The origin of time: A few months ago when My Ear's boss suggested that we try a new idea, it actually failed a few times. We've tried different ways to mix and match, but we're still not satisfied with the sound, and the old UE+ and Au+ are still not working. The UE+ was quietly launched just as the testing of the new model was about to be suspended, but the My ear boss urged it on. Under the circumstances, we decided to re-test the UE+ and Au+ to see if they could create a different sound when paired together. However, the previous generation of Grace and its superb sound, due to the availability of the new UEX and AUX versions, we have also tested and adjusted the sound. Decided to launch Grace2 with the launch.

Surprise: After our re-matching tests, the UEX and AuX blend retains the excellent genes of its predecessor. The sound became very dense and yet powerful, and after a few tests and adjustments, we thought we had the right sound for the job. We finally decided to sell this version with its excellent sound, the high quality of the UEX-based sound, and the high quality of the sound. The AuX is a very good tri-band performance, with excellent extension in the high and low frequencies complementing the very high and very low frequencies. The vocals are sweet and lilting, and the sound is wide and resonant without being overwhelming, as in UEX. Led by the high quality standards, Grace2 has such an excellent sound before the time Burn in, looking forward to a! Excellent performance after the month of the voice!


Pin: Various kinds of headphones can be made, welcome to inquire about using.

Cable: OC exclusive design, Hybrid SSG design Cryo mono-junctional silver (UEX) with Cryo Single crystal silver plated with gold (OCAuX), only 8-wire version is available due to structural design issues. (This method is best sounded by UPOCC (UP-OCC is currently the world's only mono-crystalline material invented by a Japanese OCC inventor). Professor Ono has licensed the OCC material produced in Taiwan through ITRI technology transfer and patent, and the UP is actually a factory in Bandung, Taiwan. (In the past, two Japanese wire manufacturers were granted patents, but they are no longer in production).

Terminals: default OC 35CFGT carbon fiber gold-plated terminals, other terminals are optional, welcome to consult!

Length: about 1.25m ± 3cm, if you need to adjust the length of the charge, welcome to consult!

Origin: Cable, TCGP pins, OC series all designed and manufactured in Taiwan.

All OC cables are designed, manufactured and assembled in Taiwan.

Lightweight and ultra-light metal sliders and splitters (3.5~3.6 grams with screws) are currently used.

Warranty: 12 months of free non-manual maintenance


Special thanks to My Ear's boss for filming Grace!

What customers actually hear (the most realistic customer reviews, no fakes)

Overseas Customer:Vocal of Jason Mraz is very smooth. # Hear many details in the music that I never # I heard before.

VERDICT: The upgrade cable sounds amazing, and the packaging is very careful and complete, and the shipping is fast and really amazing! A great seller that must be recommended 2017-02-20

The cable adapter: The cable is Grace II, which just started sounding like plain water as described in a popular article, and doesn't change the direction of the system much. However, after a day of booting, a faint lilt begins to emerge in the midrange and high frequencies. I look forward to the results of the next boiler! (2017-11-06)

3.5 pairs of recording lines: Received line No time to change immediately... With Grace2, the sound is much brighter, the background is transparent, and the female voice is much more high-pitched, and the drums can be heard clearly! (2018-07-17)

VE6: The packaging, the shock absorbing sponge, and the wire box are all quite nice, with a lot of texture, and the wire is really quite nice. The pretty.

The sound is much cleaner, with improvements in all three frequencies, but the midrange is the brightest, and the soundstage, which used to be a little bigger and farther away, is now much brighter. A more enveloping feel, with a warmth in the sharp sound and a sense of transparency and detail separation that is elevated another notch. Very satisfied with this purchase, thanks to OC (2018-11-16)

Campfire Andromeda Andromeda: Gradual stabilization of sound after 50 hours, both in detail and in the soundstage. Good performance.

The high frequency extension is bright and not harsh, the low frequency is quite clean and not loud, very much looking forward to the sound after fully boiling! (2019-08-16)


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Original Cable - Grace 2 - Flagship Cable 8 wires

Original Cable - Grace 2 - Flagship Cable 8 wires

The other FlagShip from Original Cable ! 

- 10% with the code BFOCSTUDIO until december 15th 2020