Terms and conditions of use

Hifi-Portable.com is an online store registered in France.

The present Terms and Conditions of Sale govern the contractual relationship between Hifi-Portable.com and its customer, both parties accepting them without reservation. These Terms and Conditions of Sale will prevail over any other conditions contained in any other document, unless prior express and written exemption. They are applicable in metropolitan France, Corsica, Belgium, Luxembourg and DOM TOM (excluding possible delivery times for the latter).

The products marketed by Hifi-Portable.com are products for leisure and non-professional use.
The customer is called to take note of the technical characteristics of the products before proceeding to his order. Hifi-Portable.com cannot be held responsible in case of obvious error between the characteristics of the product, its illustration and its conditions of sale. All products offered by Hifi-Portable.com to its customers are in principle available in our stocks or from the manufacturer. In case of non-availability of the product ordered, or in case of non-acceptance by the customer of the delivery time imposed by this non-availability, Hifi-Portable.com will offer a replacement product to its customer who will retain full discretion to accept or refuse it. However, if the item offered as a replacement does not meet your expectations, we will take back your item free of charge within 15 days of receipt.

The prices indicated for each of the products marketed by Hifi-portable.com are in euros, eco-participation included (see below), VAT at 20% included and excluding delivery costs, unless otherwise stated. The prices of comparison entitled "launched to" correspond to a reference price practiced by our company at the time of the launching of the product on the market and sold on invoice at this reference price.

Since November 15, 2006, regulations relating to Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) have been in place in France as part of a European Directive. State-approved eco-organizations are responsible for organizing the treatment and recycling of your old equipment.

What are the implications for the consumer?

    The creation of an eco-participation on all new appliances sold in France from 15 November 2006;
    The free return of your old appliance (at the rate of one appliance returned for an equivalent appliance purchased) deposited at our logistics centre in Paris.

Eco-tax in detail
The amount depends on each device. It varies from a few cents to 13 € and is indicated on your bill. This tax is collected by a state-approved eco-organization that will finance companies and local authorities in charge of logistics, treatment and recycling of WEEE. You can consult the scale of eco-participations on the Eco-systèmes website.
Remuneration for private copying

The Intellectual Property Code (CPI) provides that any reproduction of a work is subject to the prior authorization of the author and/or holders of related rights (performers, producers). However, the law has however added exceptions to this right of reproduction, including the so-called "private copying" exception which grants the purchaser of a work the right to copy it onto a recording medium for his or her personal use. Remuneration for private copying is collected by Copie France from manufacturers of blank recording media. Remuneration for private copying contributes to cultural dynamism and the development of creative activity in France; 25% of the amounts collected as remuneration are dedicated to actions of cultural interest.

Processing of personal data

As part of the normal operation of the site Hifi-Portable.com, we are required to store information necessary for our business relationship with the customer. This information is described exhaustively here: we do not record any information without your knowledge. In order to allow an efficient order and follow-up, we store the following information in our database:

    Surname and first name, title, date of birth, pseudonym.
    Complete postal address: number, street, city, postcode, country.
    Fixed and mobile phone numbers.
    Notices, questions and answers published on the site.
    Baskets filled, quotes received and orders placed.
    Telephone and e-mail exchanges with customer service.

These data are necessary for :

    Fulfill our legal obligations to fight against money laundering, fraud and terrorism, ensuring the identity and address of persons.
    Ship products when the purchase is made online.