- From which country will I be delivered ?

The country of delivery will be defined according to your postal address.

For example, if you order from USA, the product will be delivered from USA.

- Why not accept Paypal?

Paypal has recently changed its policy regarding transaction refunds. In the case of a customer cancellation before the product is shipped, paypal no longer refunds large transaction fees, even if there was no transaction in the end. Hifi-Portable.com cannot take charge of these very heavy fees, and refuses to deduct them from the customer's refund.

- If there is a problem with items, will it be easily taken care of?

Yes. Pick-up will be done easily and locally, depending on your location, and the item will then be sent to the manufacturer for repair. Except for products under 350 usd, in this case, the customer will have to send the product to the manufacturer by himself.

- Are you gonna any make discount or special promotional operation with discount for Rhapsodio products in the future ?

Please note that all the Rhapsodio products will never have any discount or special offer operations, black friday or any other kind of similars promotional operation. Never. Ever.