Original Cable - Zeus UEX - high end cable UPOCC Silver 8 wires - PROMO


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Dark background, high details, punchy bass ! 

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Introduction: 2017 OC Studio's new design ZEUS Unlimited Edition X uses the strongest conductor Cryo UP-OCC "Single Crystal Sterling Silver", the authentic Japanese Professor Ono authorized single crystal smelting technology, and is widely loved by foreign brands. The new design retains the thickness of its predecessor, and the new manufacturing process makes the background sound darker and more detailed, with better separation and resolution. 

Welcome to the ZEUS UEX, you can really experience what silver is after you try it!

Design concept: The cable is double-wound, with 8-wire 196-core conductor, which is extremely soft and has sufficient conductive cross-sectional area, in order to ensure the thickness of the sound and the sense of sound energy. The sound is amazing right from the start, and the first sound tests have already demonstrated its extraordinary quality, with better resolution, information, and background cleanliness than its predecessor. The sound field is especially complete and the background is clean, making it sound as if you were there. I highly recommend all headphone fans to try ZEUS UEX for unprecedented sound performance. But don't forget to pair it with a good recording quality music.

----Product Information------

Material:OC designed and developed the UEX using Cryo UP-OCC single crystal sterling silver with four cores, each core is multi-core 49 cores, the material is guaranteed to be solid, made in Taiwan, not in China. (UP-OCC is currently the world's only OCC material produced in Taiwan by the Japanese OCC inventor Professor Ono through the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) technology transfer and patent licensing, UP is actually the factory code of Taiwan Bandung, there were two other Japanese wire makers who got patents in the past, but they are no longer in production.

Terminals: default brand design 35CFGT carbon fiber gold-plated terminals, made in Taiwan, beautiful appearance, solid materials, good sound!

Length: about 1.25m±3cm

Cable weight: 4 wires about 28g, 8 wires about 43g (This is the weight of the finished cable of the standard length of the tested sample, which may be slightly different due to factors such as the length of different terminal pins).

Metal Splitter: Standard with blue color (made in Taiwan by high precision cnc lathe, polished anodized with high precision laser engraving)

Assembly: 100% assembled and knitted in Taiwan to ensure quality and the best sound~!

Warranty: 6 months non-manual warranty free! Lifetime paid warranty!

(Worth mentioning is the lifetime paid warranty, as long as your cable is intact, the pin terminal, the lifetime is maintainable.)

Origin: Cable, TCGP pins, OC series all designed and manufactured in Taiwan.

All OC cables are designed, manufactured and assembled in Taiwan.


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Original Cable - Zeus UEX - high end cable UPOCC Silver 8 wires - PROMO

Original Cable - Zeus UEX - high end cable UPOCC Silver 8 wires - PROMO

Dark background, high details, punchy bass !