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The new Caelus, OC Studio's 2020 flagship collection, is a symbol of hope and the future. The primordial Greek god of the sky! Aiming to create high performance copper wire with sound quality comparable to that of silver wire, Litz has been carefully selected for its different coating materials. Stucture T2 construction with acoustically superior solder for the ideal sound! This time, two colors are available, Elephant Gray and Earth Brown. Choose! With OC's original accessories to bring out the high quality!

As soon as we plugged the Caelus into our headphones, we immediately felt a lot of detail and a sky-high soundstage. The soundstage is as wide as the silver line, with a high level of separation, and the instruments and vocals do their own thing, without snapping at each other. It's a perfect fit and makes for a very full sound overall! The sound of the instrument is very dense and the shape of the instrument is amazing! The vocal is brought closer and easier to listen to ~ the low frequency performance is also appreciated, with the right amount of volume and a deep sense of depth. Dive in and bring a delightful shock! The overall direction of the sound is milder and less clear, but the power is deep and full of details and layers, and the quality is definitely better than silver. It's a close call! In terms of sound alone, this is a great value and a great cable to have in your collection!

Only 4-wire version is available due to thicker cable, contact me for the price.

CM and MMCX pins are available at a special price (contact me). Enjoy higher quality sound!


1.Cable Material:Cryo UP-OCC Copper (Litz)

(UP-OCC is currently the only company in the world where Japanese OCC inventor Prof. Ono has transferred the technology through ITRI and licensed the patent to Taiwan. The OCC material produced by UP is actually the code name of the factory in Taiwan, and two other Japanese wire makers have obtained patents in the past. (All of them are now discontinued.

Wire length: The default length is 1.2-1.23 meters.

Weight of wire: about 30 grams (the actual length may vary depending on the selection).

4.Cable earhooks: ear-wound earphones will be added automatically, but not for non-ear-wound earphones.

Cable terminal: Pre-OC 35CFGT carbon fiber gold-plated terminal (there are many other options available).

6.Wire accessories: The slider and splitter are made of metal anodes.

7.Place of Origin:Taiwan

8. Product warranty: one year warranty for non-human damage, the situation allows you to pay for lifelong maintenance or modification, allowing you to use a long time. The warranty is subject to the Company's final determination.

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Original Cable - Caelus - Flagship Cable Copper - PROMO

Original Cable - Caelus - Flagship Cable Copper - PROMO

- 10% with the code BFOCSTUDIO until december 15th 2020 !